About Probationary Sentences

If you pleaded guilty or were convicted of a crime, part of your sentence may have been a term of probation. Probation is a type of alternative sentence that, under Tennessee law, allows those found guilty of crimes more lenient penalties, particularly for nonviolent offenses and first-time offenders. A probationary term may also be just one part of a complex sentence for a more serious crime.

Typically, you can avoid incarceration altogether by accepting a sentence of a length of time on probation, often combined with community service, treatment programs (when the crime is substance abuse) or other penalties. At the Stover Law Group, we fight aggressively for probation rather than incarceration for our clients.

However, you are not completely free while on probation - you must abide by a number of rules and restrictions, many of which are specific to your particular case. Using an illegal substance (failing a drug test) or carrying a firearm is almost always a probation violation in Tennessee, as is any other illegal activity for which you would otherwise be charged with a crime. If you are found guilty of violating the terms of your probation, the court will revoke your probation and you'll likely be required to carry out the rest of your sentence behind bars.

Contesting A Tennessee Probation Violation

If you are accused of violating your probation, you have the right to contest the offense. Whether you believe the accusation to be unfounded, the violation occurred against your will or you were unaware of the violation, there are certain circumstances in which a revoked probation sentence can be reinstated.

If you're trying to avoid incarceration or further penalty, William H. Stover is an experienced Nashville criminal defense attorney who can help you. He'll advise you throughout your initial probation, support you in contesting a probation revocation and advocate on your behalf.

Violation of probation and parole should not be taken lightly. When your freedom is at stake, he can offer you useful guidance and creative options for avoiding incarceration.

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