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Co-parenting might be an option for child custody situations

Child custody arrangements aren't standardized like they once were. In the past, children were usually sent to live with the mother and only saw the father every other weekend. This isn't the case now. Child custody arrangements are now based on what is best for the children instead of what is easiest for the adults or on some archaic formula.

There are many different parenting arrangements that you can consider. You should think about how each option will impact the children. One of the possibilities is the co-parenting model. This means that you will work closely with your ex, but the arrangement might be in the interest of your children.

Rules and expectations are consistent

The rules and expectations for the children span across both homes. You and your ex will work together to come up with these, but don't think that you have to follow your ex's rules. Instead, you and your ex will come up with joint rules, which are usually for major points like requiring that the children go to school and not eat a ton of sweets a day. Bedtime for younger children might also be a consistent rule. Smaller rules, such as what time children will take a bath, may differ from one home to the other.

You and your ex will have to sit down and come up with a plan for what rules apply in both homes. While you are having this discussion, talk about the consequences of breaking the rules so that this can be consistent too.

Memories are made together

You and your ex will likely attend events with your child. Things like school plays, graduations and similar events are important to your child. Having both parents there will likely mean a lot. To help things along when you are making memories as one group, you will need to set clear guidelines before the event. This is especially important if other family members will also join. The goal is to allow your children to enjoy the day and have fun so make sure you forbid negative talk, fighting and speaking of contentious issues.

Mutual respect is a must

You and your ex will have to respect each other during the co-parenting arrangement. Whether you are speaking to each other at an event or trying to work through a challenging situation, your tone and words should be kind, considerate and respectful. Adopting a business-like tone will help here.

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