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4 reasons to get a divorce immediately

Everyone faces enormous societal pressure to (1) get married and (2) stay married for the rest of their lives. However, regardless of how happy your relationship was, and regardless of how difficult it is right now, no one should ever feel guilty if it's time to bring a marriage to a close.

It's natural to feel sad or remorseful when a marriage comes to a close, and it's natural to deliberate and go back and forth about whether to get a divorce. However, there are some circumstances when divorce is the clear go-to solution for a difficult relationship.

Circumstances when the decision to divorce should be clear

If you're facing the following scenarios -- you could try to overcome the problems through counseling and "getting real" with your spouse by setting boundaries and expressing your needs -- but you should also consider divorce as a rational solution to your problems.

If you're being abused: Abuse comes in physical and psychological forms. Your spouse might hit you with a fist or push you with his or her hands -- and this would be physical abuse. Your spouse might also hit you with demeaning words and play emotional and psychological games with you -- and this would be emotional or psychological abuse. A spouse might also financially abuse you by trying to control your money supply. If this abuse continues, you may owe it to yourself and your children to divorce.

If your spouse is unfaithful: The general assumption that comes with marriage is that the spouses will remain faithful to one another. If your spouse has been unfaithful, he or she has broken this agreement with you, and -- in a very real way -- he or she has broken the sanctity of your marriage. You can try to restore trust in your marriage, but you should not feel bad about getting a divorce either. You deserve someone who is willing to keep his or her promises to you.

Economic problems: If you and your spouse don't see eye to eye on financial issues, you might not be compatible. Especially if your spouse is squandering your marital assets on a gambling problem, racking up credit card debt and making your life more difficult, it could be time to bring your marriage to a close.

Substance abuse: Substance abuse is a tricky issue. It tends to affect the most sensitive people in the world, and it's so easy for us to understand the pain of our spouses who have addiction problems. We may even blame ourselves and feel like we can "fix" them and we shouldn't leave them in their darkest hour. However, sometimes the best thing we can do for people like this is to leave them to sort their problems out on their own. An addicted spouse will not change until he or she wants to. Until then, divorce could be the best way to protect yourself.

Are you considering divorce?

Before you file your divorce papers, try to learn about Tennessee divorce law and where you stand in terms of asset division, child custody and other important matters that will affect your legal rights during your divorce process.

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